Need help/suggestions

Hi guys, im new to blender and have gotten fairly familiar with it. I need to create an intro to my web site ALOT similar to . I wanted to ask you guys if you think this will be a huge challenge for a noob? and what suggestions would you give on doing it. Thank you, forbes

not hard at all. See the wiki on Lighting Rigs and use the 1-pt (spotlight) rig. Create a plane in top view. In front view, add text objects “standing” around. Delete the default environment setting. Animate the camera and spot light. render to quicktime format. watch and enjoy.

Do you mind elaborating on that please roger?

You’ll probably want to work through a few tutorials first. There are some nice video tutorials on
But I would advise against having a video intro for your website. A still image along the same lines would load much faster.

enjoy! There are three things going on here. First, the empty directs where the camera looks, so the empty and the camera are animated. Third, the lights are animated and move. ok?