Need help testing my program for visual anomalies

This is a research project using the Blender 2.79b game engine I’m working on:

For reference, this is how the program should look:

I need help testing for a text rendering bug which I had on my older system configuration where all the text would be rendered white and would blend with the light background making it impossible to read.

Tell me if the text is displaying correctly or not (or if there are any other visual anomalies) and post your system specifications including your operating system, please.

Are you using object color for the text? The material color does not work ingame for text color, i guess that’s why it’s white. Or with script: text.color = [r,g,b,a]

Tested it, funny to see you packed blender as well.

r5 3600
rx 5700 xt
16 gb ram
win 10 pro

For the ones who not dare to run .bat files, it’s save to use, checked it.

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Sorry for the late reply.

Actually, I’m using the “blf” font drawing module for text.

Here’s an attempted fix:

Simply replace “program.blend” in the program folder with this one and tell me if the text is black this time. Thanks in advance.

The fix didn’t work, I take it. :smirk:


Yes this works, text is black.

Wonderful. Thanks for the help, Cotaks.