Need help: Texture paths

I have changed the computer. That means that directory structure is changed.

I have number of scenes with 20 + textures (mostly jpg & tga files) which are not usable because texture paths have changed. (I saved models and textures in different folders) How can I restore texture paths (at the time I wasn’t aware that textures can be used with relative paths) without the need to reload them texture by texture? the files were originally saved in the folders on the desktop, but now I have different path for the Desktop.

NOTE: I have tried to open the scene in notepad and change texture paths with find& replace, but Blender says that the saved scene is incomplete (although the file is a bit bigger than the original)

Any help would be welcome!

Sure, there is a way to do this, there used to be a script for this.
I don’t know if it was hardcoded or not?
it’s in Blender 2.45 i think.
just move it into Blender 2.48, it still works.

Thank you very much!
I’ll take a look at it!

I think this is now called “Find missing Files”
and is in FileMenu - External Data

That makes sense.
The script is called Image_Find_Paths
But the Python Menu name is Fix Broken Paths.
The integrated version is Find Missing Files.
Common problem.

This is even better! Thanks again!

Problem: File > external data > find missing files does not restore texture paths. I’ll make search through my archives to find python script that MetaAndrocto talked about

Tried the script, works like charm! Thanks MetaAndrocto!

also, be sure to check Relative Paths Default in your User Preferences, a/d/or ensure it is clicked int he Select Image file browser header, and that way if there is the same relative dir structure across all machines in your project, which there should be, you will be safe.

that is a good advice! I’ll keep that in mind!

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