Need Help, the materials menu isn't showing any materials

Here is the blender file:

Were the materials there before but now are gone? Have you recently changed the render engine from Cycles to Blender Internal or vice-versa?

I did change the engine but it doesn’t seem to matter, the material slots don’t appear in either of them

I wouldn’t know what happened, but you can repair it creating a new empty file, then importing all your stuff on it.

There is a search term in the material list search and it shows no results

if u open it up with no load UI you can see the materials list and nodes set up in cycles!

by the way do a save as and set compress
files will be way smaller and less sluggish too !

happy cl

thing I found the thing

look in your material search field for mat
it has letter Z in it

so remove it and it should work fine

happy cl