Need help thickening a model

I am quite new to blender and I need some help to “thicken” a model that I designed in SketchUp!. I imported the model properly into Blender but have been unable to add some heft to the lines. I tried to use the “mesh -> scripts -> solidify selection” script but that didn’t seem to do much of anything. Any help would be appreciated. I would like to add around a 1cm thickness (inward, the model is already the correct size on the outside) to it.

I have attached my .blend file. Thanks in advance for your help.



lament.blend (151 KB)

can you load up a pic showing what you mean
i uploaded a pic of your model

now it is green which means it is part of a group !


There are lots of double vertices and unnecessary vertices and faces in this model.
This way the script has no chance to specify the inside and the outside of the mesh.

You should do a mesh cleanup first or you use just the groundplane, clean it and extrude it.

To test the script use a default cube delete one face and try the script, then you will see the thickening.

I wish I was more adept at this program so that I could follow all of this good advice. I like the idea of using the groundplane to bring up a smaller version but I cannot seem to select only those faces and points. If you are willing I would really appreciate an example .blend file so that I may learn.

Thanks again for your quick and helpful assistance.


In this file are two meshes, one is a clean version of your model and the other is just the groundpiece.
If you select all faces of the groundpiece in editMode, you can just do the same by pressing E, choosing Region and by pressing z you canmove the new faces along z axis.
Do it again with just selecting the outer faces and you have your model.
For the thickening you have to open your mesh.
as I didn’t know what you want to thicken, i didn’t do it.
But test it with a cube.

You should have a look in here for the basics;


test.blend (178 KB)

Your help has been much appreciated. I have learned a lot about Blender in the last few days. I have one small problem though. I can’t figure out how to remove non-manifold edges from my model. I have attached a .blend file with the object as I wanted it to look. If you do a Select-> Non-Manifold in edit mode you can see all of the problem edges/faces/vertices. I have tried closing off these shapes in many ways but I cannot seem to get the non-manifold edge count down.

Thanks in advance.


lots of manifold.blend (223 KB)

do you see the extra faces

are they needed you could remove theses

and it shold be fine


I have fixed a few of the issues you pointed out but the insides of this model must remain empty. I have attached a photo of the non-manifold edges along with a newer version of my object. As I’m sure you know, the yellow vertices are the issue I’m trying to correct. Thanks for looking at this for me.


lots of manifold2.blend (223 KB)

then you simply delete them unless
you need something else?

X key remove vertex