Need help to add a Node to Color a white .png

Hi, I’ve used an white .png and now I’m trying to add “color” to the glowing areas (not in post). I want to add a RGB or other node to control the color of the white glowing parts. I’ve tried everything and no luck.

Q. To add color to the glowing parts, what node should I use and where should I place it . (I’ve circled the image node that I need to color) Thanks

Try placing a color ramp node in front of your image texture. You might also need to tweak the position of the points.

Thanks Rhen. Unfortunately the Color Ramp Node didn’t change the colors and only made a weird white glowing pattern. I tried an hue/sat node which didn’t work either. :thinking:

You’ll get a faster and working answer if you post the blend file with the textures included (only the relevant object and material).

Without it you’ll only get guesses that might not work in your scenario.

Ok, Secrop, Thanks!:+1: