Need help to add bones to mesh

I need help to add some bone to my mesh/model and I also need help with the weight paint.
Send me mail: [email protected]
or add me on skype : Balka12
or just post reply :wink:

could u post an image of it. depending on what it is i might be able to rig it for you.

Here it is

could i have a download link

Is it possible to add me on skype or send me mail?
That’s the easyest way, and thanks for the help :wink:

email sent

“email me the model you had on blender artist”

Do you manage to finish it, or is it somebody else that want to? :3

sorry, i have rigged it but i need to weight paint it. I’ve got lots of stuff going on right now.

Ok, I just really need it, can you make it untill friday?

Thursday…Friday yeah

i have it done,but i am going to check it and send it to you tomorrow. okay?

just need to check the head weight paint and i’ll send it back to you. sorry it took so long.

sent. hope u like it.