Need help to cast a shadow on snow.

Working on a project where a human shadow needs to be cast on a bed of snow. Grabbed the nodes for a snow texture from Blender Artists Forum and applied it to my scene. Everything looks good except the light is not casting a shadow on the snow. The image and Blend file is below. Hope someone can help me figure this out.

Click to Download Blender File

Are you using a sun light? How your sun is rotated (the angle) is what really matters the most. It doesn’t seem to appear your getting shadows from the wall either onto the snow.

Is Ray Shadow selected in the sun’s object data panel?

Steve S

As you can see from the above picture, the sun lamp is rotated to angle through the human figure, set to cast a shadow just beside the teddy bear. The Cast Shadow is selected for the Sun. Can’t figure out why we can’t see a shadow in the render.

Well, I’m feeling foolish. Just realized that I had the Sun size set to 250 instead of .025. Once I changed it, the shadow appeared. Needless to say, problem solved.