need help to construct high accurate animation

hello every body,

am using blender 2.49 and i wanna simulate a surgical procedure steps by using blender animation … i have construct the initial scene and know i got the patient laying on a bed … now i wanna animate the surgical steps …

what i wanna know, if there is a possibility to simulate a skin cutting and fluid simulation through the animation ?

i have an idea to make the location of skin cutting as a vertex group and build the animation using python script to access this vertex group and manpulate these vertices and cut them out of the mesh … is this right ??

the other thing i have serached for a lot is how to simulate the fluid (as it a blood result from skin cutting step) using python script ? please i need some help to do such that simulation using python in blender 2.49

thnaks in advance …

2.49? 2.5 has nice fluid simulations that seem more intuitive to use for me. Can’t help with the advanced python stuff.