Need help to convert concept into logo

I have some experience with blender but I am no artist :wink:

This is roughly what I have in mind:

I am shooting for some underground root look. A rhizome or tuber or something like that.

If someone could take the concept and make it more attractive, I could use it as a logo. I will definitely provide a credit / link from my project.

The blender file that I used to create the above is attached (blob2.blend).



blob2.blend (1.03 MB)

What could make a blob more attractive?? :wink:
I would suggest you use a displacement modifier for those textures, then apply the modifier so you can manually sculpt the object to get the shape you are after. Either that or scale the sphere down in edit mode to increase the effect of those displacement textures. With a more scuptural look you might be able to remove the freestyle lines. Then look for some nice materials (e.g. ) to get the look you are after.

Thanks for the tips @kauranga! I was traveling and couldn’t reply earlier.Btw, somebody has pinged me yesterday that they will try to enhance my concept. With their permission will post the result here too.