Need help to figure out what i am doing differently.

Ok so i am following this tutorial, and i do every single step that he have done so far. how ever the results is still vastly different.

As you can see, this doesnt look smooth or good at all… It looks really horrible in fact.

This on the otherhand looks really good. And i dont know whats up with it. since i followed every step, how ever there was something that made me confused. He said i should go to Topology in the sculpt area and enable Collapse short edges… How ever i dont know if i have done that or not… I think i have, but why is it so wastly different? (since there is no such thing, there is "collapse edges, wich i believe is the same thing)

Try to reduce the detail size to 10 pixels maybe ?.
Or get blender version 2.66, things do change from version to version sometimes.

@ramboblender is right. A common issue people have run into since this course was released is the development updates to the dyntopo feature. In the current version, a detail size of 10px behaves more like the 30px detail size in the Piero course. So try translating the values used here (30, 20, 10) to the latest version as (10, 6, 3).

I am doing the same tutorial. I have gotten to around video 17. I had the same problem. You need to have a higher detail size than he have and also recheck that you still have dynamic topology enabled because you have to re-enable it after you have left sculpting mode for some reason.
Oh and couple of tips that I learned after much frustration, use a big brush size or your bird will get very thin and click very close to the edge when you drag out the shape.
And one more thing that has changed. When you get to the texture paint part you have to choose which image you want to paint on. You can do that under the “slots” menu.