Need help to import material from blender to 3dsmax

I have trouble to import model with material from blender to 3DSMAX 2013.
I have export to .FBX, .3DS and .OBJ but only .FBX import to 3DSMAX
But when i render it in 3DSMAX, the material is nothing.
I also use FBX convert 2013 but still the same.
I hope someone can help me with that.

What type of materials ?
Node or non node materials
What textures, image or procedural ?
What type of maps (bump, normal, specularity ete etc)
Export settings ?
Import settings

Have you tried importing into other applications
Please supply example files (ensure to include any textures)

Node materials
Don’t have any texture, image or something like that…
i use default settings
I just have 3dsmax and blender.
example files :

Node materials
I don’t use any of image…
I use default setting
here the example file

Node materials

The exporters do not support node materials

thanks you, Richard Marklew