Need Help To Make A RPG Game

is anyone here know how to program a RPG game? i search on internet to find a game engine that no need a programming.then i find this app " Smile Game Builder " but the problem is they dont allow to scripting or make a plugin. so i wondering if someone here know how to program a anime style game ( i know c# but im not good in it ). i can help make a 3d model.

I have a much better apreciation for the gaming environment’s collectively because of Torque 3d from garage games which is freely distributed source now on github. also the scripting language it supports (Torquescript) is much more fluid and more pragmactic( I should say interactive) the interpreter run’s in tandem with the game engine so you can rewrite routines and see there effect dynamically ( a major boost to the programming effort ) that being said using the bge to preliminarily design and test is an effort to which you may be more suited and to that end my website has some of my effort’s try them

Guys if you want to join pls leave a comment or private message me…



1.what engine do you want to use?

2.Do you texture?

3.have you ever textured for games?

i already answer your 1st question . im not good in programming . i only know is c# so the engine is unity. the texture is not yet done and this is my first time.