Need help to modeling.

Hy stranger.
I have learning blender for 2 weeks now and I thought that I would like to learn how to do modeling first because that is the basic of this process cuz if u want to texture somthing or animate something you need a model first. So I tried to learn it but I stucked cuz I don’t realy find tutorials that helps me to build my knowledge like step by step so that I am realy intrested in is a tutorial series or something that can help me or any advice that you can give me about the way of learn modeling.

Theres alot more as well if you go looking for them

So I am also new to blender and I am currently going through some tutorials, which are great. But these tutorials use the knife exact function, which I simply cannot find in version 2.6 - does anyone know how to get the same exact functionality in the new version?

A very good step by step tutorial :