Need help to use IOM in blender

Hi I need help adding support for a hardware in my game and I have some code but I cannot seem to get it to work.
The hardware is called IOM:
I also have some python code I got from here( , ) to get it to work.
So do any of you know how I could add this to my game?

Did you get it to work without blender?

Can you give us your current code or blend?

Otherwise we don’t know what you have tried.

Maybe you are using

<b>while</b> True:

which won’t work in bge.

Also if you use sockets, you have to run in non blocking mode or in an own task. Otherwise Blender will be blocked as long the scrip will run.

sorry I cannot get you the file it is on my other computer and I don’t have my IOM with me but any help you could give would be appreciated.