Need Help Topology

Im new to blender i can model most simple objects but i get stuck in complex objects …

I was trying to model this mouse

but end up with this

Link to .blend file

My Questions
1.i cant figure out what is causing the bump where it shouldn’t be … i checked my topology … every face has 4 vertices.
2.i cant get right flow a vertices … when i alt lft click few edges there flow i not correct … dont know why
3.any tutorial book articles which could help me teach modeling ( as only 3 files can be attached per post i could upload to explain )
4. what correct way to model a 3d objects like mouse … i started with a plain n modeled from top view then using proportional editing introduced curves viewed from front and side

If u have time check out some of my work at

I m also broke need money willing to work contact me if u have any work for me

First time asking question on forum sorry if did any stupid mistakes

Thanks Grateful to have an answer