Need Help Turning this image into an extrudable object.

I’m trying to put this image (Being imported as a .svg from inkscape). I’e used my limited knowledge of blender, and tried youtube for help, to no avail. It seems the .svg is being imported as multiple layers, each a very different color. It’s causing “Z Fighting”, or each layer is trying to be on top and it just looks ugly.

My end goal is an animation. I need to know how to

A) Create a plane that matches the shape of the image, without backround.

B) A way to fix the fighting, so that it shows as 1 image, which I can then extrude into a 3d object.

If it’s not obvious, I am learning how to blender. If there’s any more information I need to provide, say so.

With something that simple I would just use the image as a background and create my own (2d) curves, then convert to mesh. If you just need it extrused, then You may not even need to convert to mesh.

Trace that bitmap in Inkscape in “Brightness Cutoff” mode - this will give you single, clean, black/white paths.
Import into Blender, extrude and bevel, convert to mesh, UV unwrap and apply the image as a texture:

When you say you need this for an animation, does that mean the sun will have to deform?

you could also draw mesh of one segment and use the spin tool !

happy bl