Need help understanding workflow of modeling

Hey everyone I’m new to the forums and have been using blender for almost a year now and I had a simple question regarding the workflow of modeling. My goal is to make the characters I’ve drawn but with good topology so I can animate then later.

My question is what would be the order of doing these things?

I’ve always modeled from a cube to create I guess what they call is a base besh and In my mind I though thats all it took until I learned about topology and that it must flow in order to animate. I’ve tried many ways to get around it such as modeling with planes and forming the character that way but it was kinda hard. So would the workflow be something like

1.model base mesh
2.sculpt in details
4.bake high poly normals to low poly

the goal is to make a somewhat good looking low poly character for a game.

I am just now getting into retopology so I can work with a much denser mesh for modeling. I saw an interesting post here a few days that basically follows your steps, but used the skin modifier to build the basic mesh.