Need help updating a cloud tutorial from a siggraph video on blendercookie
Ive managed make most of the neccesary changes to the cloud and get it looking sort of like the one in the tutorial but from the point when he uses the ipo editor in his version of blender I cant figure it out, I have little experiance with ipo so I went and read up on it but the version he is using is different to the one I could find on blender 2.56 (which is now called the graph editor i believe).

I cannot figure out how he added the frames and then made the repeat ( well I mean I cant see those options in the newer version of blender) after that I can figure out the motion blur and work on trying the bake all of this into a usable cloud in a game engine.

Can anyone suggest the correct steps to take in the newer version?

Thanks for your time.


Clouds1.blend (539 KB)