need help using ztransp

hi, ive used ztransp to create invisible floors before however this time its not working so well, i usually have ztransp turned on and only shadows switched on too, but now my plane just comes up black:mad:
also i made some text in the same blend file which i tried to make a jelly like material( transparent again, just not as much) but that just comes out solid colours. for some reason it wont let the materials go transparent :mad:
below is a blend to show you, just try to render it, the floor should be invisible, and the text should be slighty transparent yet still hold a colour…
the file is attached =]


Jello.blend (234 KB)

Floor setting were not right, check the settings in this blend.

Your lamp wasn’t casting a shadow. to recieve shadows only just click onlyshadow in material settings.


Jello.blend (233 KB)

thanks, that really helped. another good tip to learn =]