Need Help UV Mapping an Image

Hi, I need some help UV mapping. In the images below I want to put my dog tag image I’ve made in photoshop on to the actual dog tag that I’ve made in blender. The process of doing this is UV mapping right? First off what is UV wrapping and UV unwrapping? I’ve seen some tutorials on how to do this but they didn’t help me. How would I do this?

Thank you!

Square your view up with the face of teh dog tag and only select the faces that are facing you, not the back side. Then hit u>project from view bounds. Then you still probably need to scale and move the verts… Then after you get those faces set where you want them,in the 3-d window, hit ctrl+I to invert the selection and unwrap those faces as I said earlier except scale them way down and place them in a white part of the image.
If you cant get it, upload a blend with that image packed in and I will do it for you, but try yourself first.

I tried but I got this

Can you explain a bit more in detail on how to do it?

Here’s the blend file if you what to give it a go: Blender Dog Tag #Share .blend (411 KB)

Hi, I think it is nearly impossible to work with this image.
Extract the image without hole and edge, it is much easier to map it on your model.

Cheers, mib.


Haha! Looks like it.


Here. I did a quick re-model and the uv unwrapped it so you can get the idea. You can fine tune the uv’s and the model…

Blender Dog Tag #Share2 .blend (595 KB)

Wow that looks great man thanks! Hummm… I’m having a small problem, when I open up the blend file you’ve attached I get this which really shows nothing and when I render the tag it just shows that purple tag :confused:

Can you give just a short run down on how you did this?


You just need to use that same image you posted in your original post. Purple means it cant find the texture image.