Need help viewing a Motion track in Dope sheet.

I need to view a Motion tracking track in the default scene Dope sheet editor.
Is “Constraint to F-curve” working in 2.74?

Here is exactly what I need to do:
I am trying to stabilize an object …(a plane that has a movie texture on it). Ultimately I am animating layers and layers of green screen textures over each other.

So in Motion Clip editor, I track the movie that I am using as one of the textures in order to stabalize it. That track is to an object… just a single track
Then I “reconstruct” using “link empty to track”

When i go to my scene, I can see the empty called “Track” move BUT i NEED to see the curves (x y loc) or dope sheet and its not there. (i NEED to move the curves 200 or so FRAMES to match my texture offset.)

I’m using 2.74 and i think “Constraint to F-curve” is supposed to give me what I want but I don’t think its working.
Can anyone help me? a work around?

Thank you