Need help weight painting interior verticies (been stuck for awhile)

I’ve been stuck in an animation project or a long time. where I’m stuck is weight painting so could somebody tell me how to paint the interior verticies? I have a model that has poofy sleeves and I cant get the inside of her sleeves, a friend showed me how awhile back but I can’t remember how and he lives in puerto rico so he still can’t respond to me, it was something like hitting Ctrl=+something I don’t remember what though any help would be appreciated:D

Hey; There is a button in the Editor Header Panel (little square with 4 little dots) next to the camera/video buttons far right hand side, ‘Limit Selection To Visible’.

I’ve had a lot of trouble with clipping in weight paint mode myself. I don’t think it works the same as it does in edit mode, and it can be frustrating.

  1. Switch out of ortho so you can get inside your model, reset your orbit with numpad . frequently, move your object to a new layer temporarily to get it isolated.

  2. Switch to edit mode as needed to select and/or hide vertices.

  3. Use alt-b clipping box.

I just woke up so I haven’t tested it yet, but is that for wight painting the interior vertices? because what I was using before was a certain command that allowed me to paint outside over top of the mesh, but the weight paint was actually effecting the inside of her sleeve that I couldn’t reach normally, I was just asking. I’m still going to test what you told me to do, I just wanted to see if this is the same method I was using before. and Thank you for your help :slight_smile:

is Alt-B the one that lets you paint the inside? and thank you for the walkthrough :slight_smile:

Alt-B = Clipping Border, meaning only what you select will be visible