need help, willing to pay $$$


hey guys, this is my first post. anyway, i have a class that i have to design a beer for. only problem is, im choosing to do a can instead of a bottle like the rest of the class. this means i need to do this in a 3d program so i can display it.

if anyone here is willing to make a regular 12 oz beer can in blender for me, ill send you a graphic to go on it, and if you can put it together so i can display it, id be willing to pay.

pm me please if your interested and we can work out a payment thing and if you can send me some of your work thatd be great so i know im not gonna get a can that looks like crap. this wont be due for a little while, so dont worry about rushing though

thanks in advance

You want to pay someone to do your homework for you? You’re kidding, right?

It’s not that hard to make a can in Blender anyway. Use the search function^^^ to find Spin’s soda can tutorial. You might actually learn something.

Well, not to pick nits (okay, okay, it’s picking nits :rolleyes:) but this is a cut & paste copy of your first post… <GDR>

Try posting in the right forum (Contests).

There is no way that I’m going to help you do something this dishonest, plus I doubt that you would really pay us… And if you DID pay us, it wouldn’t be enough (seems like no one appreciates 3d modellers until they’ve tried it themselves).


Hey, I’ll do it for a case of Castle lager!


theres actually nothing dishonest here. maybe i didnt explain well enough.

this is a design theory class. my major doesnt require a class for 3d modeling and im almost positive doesnt offer one for me to learn anyway. we are designing a logo and can layout only. no one else is doing modeling.

most kids are doing a bottle because you can print your design of the logo out and glue it to the bottle. i want to do a can, but if i glue paper to a can, its gonna look like shit. so i wanted to display my design in a 3d program. ill do all the design work and send it to whomever would be willing to do the can part for me. 3d modeling is not part of the class.

my teacher actually suggested posting on a message board to see if someone could do this part for me since he said learning blender might be alot to take on while doing all the other work. i tried some, and hes right.

i will definatly pay. paypal as soon as everything is worked out

Sounds good to me. Check your private messages.

Okay. Just for you… non textured and low polly.

Download the .blend file here:

Please note: it is very annoying that you have multiple posted this topic. I gave what I felt was good info in another thread, only to have you ignore my input and continue with this one.

Edit: Made the model a little less hexagonal.

sorry, only made this thread again because i have no idea where my first thread was moved to

Okay - so, where are you at now with the can idea? Putting a UV texture onto something like the .blend file I gave is trivial. Even then it was a quick job and would be easy to touch up.

hey, just wanted to post on here. I did the work for him. and i want to say that he paid me and everything, he’s not fake.