Need Help with 1 3D Model

Hello everyone, I’m seeking help with one model. I create what are known as pepakura files essentially papercraft models from 3D files, but for this I just need some cleaning done. What’s in the ZIP file that can be downloaded at the link below contains a OBJ Model, the original PSK Model, and all the Textures. Now here’s where it get’s fun. I’m trying to get just the undamaged character back, but only the helmet and body armor. I don’t need anything else.

When the studio made the character they put the Damaged, undamaged, X-ray, and flesh parts all into one model making it a mess. I tried doing it myself with Blender but I’m new to it, and I also tried doing it with my other 3D software Milkshape but I’m still learning with it as well. So I’m asking for help if someone can help me with getting the parts of the model that I need for my project. Thanks.

Hi JWieger82, You mentioned trying this project yourself, are you familiar yet with the ‘L’ key? Once you are in edit mode you can select a vertex and then press the button L, it will select everything connected to the vertex you selected (most of the time anyway. Pressing A will either select everything, if nothing is already selected, or clear what you have selected.) After that you can press H to hide your selection (Alt + H to bring it back), X to delete it, or P to make it a separate object. With a bit of patience you can use these to bring a complex project down to size.