need help with 2 things please :D

well…first of all, i have no idea what happened to my object but im using planes as blueprints(textured solid is on) and all of a sudden my object lost all of its color…and the only way for me to see the colors on it is if i switch off the textured solid option… and second is uv mapping problem…i have no idea on how to map a texture onto an irregular shape (aka something that i made…like a face, but in this case a seat)

Please help :smiley:

when you are in textured draw mode, and your mesh has been unwrapped, you will see whatever image or image texture it is joined with in the UV editor. so, if you unwrapped onto no image at all, or a solid black or white image, you won’t see much in the 3D viewport in textured draw mode. for a test, you can add a UV test grid to his UV coords in the UV editor, to see if it shows up in the 3D viewport.
(edit) also, it’s best to unwrap first, and then create your painted texture using texture paint. then you may want to touch it up in gimp or photoshop.

thats the thing, i downloaded gimp and stuff, but it doesn’t seem to work on my laptop for some reason,maybe you can help me-it keeps getting hundreds of pop-ups when i start it (as in-paintbrushes file not found- and alllll of the other files) i put them all together and it still doesn’t work…i have therefore given up on gimp or photoshop (since i have to buy that and i cant really do that-im 14…and i cant easily get hold of a photoshop program :/) so yeah i have to rely on other things, in this case a texture to apply to my seat in a car…

and one more thing…have you got any idea on how to change it back? as in make it so i can see the designated materials for my object? cuz when i switch off the textured solid option i lose my blueprints :confused: and therefore cannot work…

There are other good paint programs out there that are free. You might look into ‘project dogwaffle’, and ‘deep paint’, among others. I am not sure why you are losing your image texture in the view. is it joined to your UV coords in the UV editor?