Need help with 3D Gaming Graphics..

I am 17 working on my first game using gamesalad.
I am wanting to build a game that the idea is Temple Run
but it has nothing to do with temple run if that makes sense.
I am trying to give you a hint of what I want but don’t want to give anything away for someone else to steal.
If you want to help me volunteering I would really appreciate. If I had the money I would just pay somebody to do it, but as I am posting I am just telling you that I don’t.

I am a beginner obviously so I really don’t know what I have to do, but I do have the game pictured in my head on what I want it to look like and have in it…

It might take a long time, but like I said I just really need the help building the art, building the characters, and transfering the blender work to my gamesalad so I can create it, test it, and sell it for 99c on the app store.
Please again, if you can help me PM me.

Gamesalad is solely a 2d game development tool as it currently stands, while you can do some very basic pseudo-3d stuff it’s all just complex trickery with little to no real use. Are you planing on making a 2d game with 3d models rendered out into animations, or a full 3d game?

Unity might be what you are looking for instead - unless I’m mistaken, which should hopefully be understandable considering how vague your post is?