need help with a certain kind of animation

well, its numbered to make it easier, but basically heres what I’m trying to do,…

1.) How do I make an object disappear and re-appear? I’m assuming its with some sort of transparency setting in the materials properties right?
2.) Ok, how do I make an object disappear and re-appear while its animated?
This is all going to be for a menu screen I’m making for a game project.

thanks for any help. its much appreciated.

You can set key frames for the layer that an object lives on.

To hide it from view entirely, select the object and press H.


Basically, there are 2 ways - changing the layer as mentioned. However, if you use the changing layers method, you cannot fade out and back in. Switching layers happens in an instant.

If you want to fade in and out, you can animate the alpha of the material. With the object selected, in the IPO window, change to Material, and add an IPO for alpha -see pic.

Depending on other material settings, it may be best to combine both methods. For instance, certain other properties of you material may make it somewhat visible even with alpha set to 0. So you could fade the alpha to 0, then switch the object to a layer that is not being rendered. To fade back in, change the layer back, then animate the alpha slowly back to 1.

Hope this helps!

Best of Luck!