Need help with a complicated cloth simulation

I need to do an animation where a blanket gets thrown onto a cube like object. The cloth will end up hanging there. This is a really simple example of what I’m trying to do:

There are two things that I can’t solve and I really hope you can help me with this:

1. Animating it using a model that actually looks like a blanket.
I found tutorials on how to make a good looking blanket and tutorials on how to animate fabric. But I couldn’t find a tutorial where they animate a thicc fabric like a blanket.

2. Letting go of the blanket once it’s on top of the cube.
I animated my simple example with a hook modifier on the blanket that is controlled by an Empty. But I don’t know how to “let it go” at the end.

I hope you can help me with this problem.
I need to solve it for my work.

Thank you

Generally, you’d use a thin blanket, and give it a solidify modifier after (below) the cloth modifier. If your blanket flips sides, you can adjust collision by using abstract, non-rendering collision bodies. (The main reason for this is that cloth physics transmits forces through edges, not volume, and there aren’t any edges connecting one side to the other, so a thick blanket doesn’t act like one would intuit.)

I think I’ve read something about Blender improving its handling of thick cloth meshes in recent versions, so you may look around for some info regarding that, but I haven’t experimented with those changes. They probably only work with one of the physics models (angular vs linear).

“Letting go” of a blanket means that you stop pinning it. Pinning groups can be edited with a vertex weight edit modifier before (above) the cloth modifier, which has animatable paramaters allowing you to animate pinning.