Need help with a couple of things

Is Any of this Question possible if so any kind of help would be appreciated:

I´ve done this character with a gun and a sword but after finished aiming the gun I wanna shot something like a string and want it to collide with the wall and then from the current location want to be able to suck myself in without any rotation at all if possible kinda like Link´s Hookshot

And I´ve done this third person perpesctive behind my character but I don´t want the camera to always be behind my character i want it to be more like gtasa camera when you go left or right it will just rotate enough to see the charather and i would also to be able rotate my camera like gtasa and when press R3 in my Xbox360 joypad I want to it rotate the fastest way Behind the character

Thanks in advance

:o Geez, although these things aren’t too hard, they’re way too long to tell you step by step on how to do it. Umm, first things first, how good of a hang of the Game Engine do you have and do you know python? If you aswered very good and yes to the above question you could very well be able to do this yourself.

I’m just offering some suggestions…
For the 1st question. I’m assuming you know how to add the string like thing. There’s way too much things involved that might happen (ie: what if a character get’s in the way, right between the wall and you, do you pull directly towards the person?) So basically with a basic FPS setup, you use the the ray sensor and get the point where the ray hits the object. Once you have that you can create an object there and use the track to actuator (3d) to track to the object, while you move the character forward with a local motion. …that’s basically the idea behind it, but there’s other things to look out for.

For rotating camera. ehh… haven’t really played it so not too sure. You can parent the camera to an empty, and parent the empty to the character. So when you want to rotate the camera left or right around the character, have the rotations applied to the empty (possibly use dRot). Since the camera is parented to the empty, any rotation on the empty will cause the camera to swing around the empty in a circle.

I hope this helps. :wink: But if you didn’t understand whatever I said, I suggest starting simpler. %| Well ok, it’s kinda hard to understand my first answer though…

Jason Lin