Need help with a fluid simulation

Created a scene, did it by following the same procedures i have for many other fluid simulations. When I begin baking the simulation, it bakes, but my inflow object doesn’t do anything and even if i change it to just a fluid object (and bake again). Essentially what is happening is fluid is just not happening. I’m not sure what i’m doing wrong.

Any help is appreciated :slight_smile:

Blend File is Below, using Cycles Render

waterpipe.blend (1.41 MB)

Hi everybody,

I have also some troubles in blender 2.71 with the fluid simulation as well. I believe this is quite interesting features but some further improvement must be applieds as pre settings for everybody.

Question 1: How to access SPH simulation? I checked online without success.
Question 2: What is the best settings

So I modelled a funnel in which a fluid is flowing:
a big domain surrounding everything
A cube as inflow with x:0, y:0.2, z:-0.3
and below a funnel (obstacle, set “shell”) and partly slip (impact 0.2).
at the bottom of the funnel, mostly the funnel is clogged with the fluid it can be water or honey settings only small drops going down.

I observe differences if I put base 10 and exponent 1 (I called this preset “bitumen”) and when I do the same with a base 0.2 and exponent 10 ( I called this preset “ethanol”).

Mention 1: It would be very nice when choosing different presets that the others settings like compressibility or grid would be rearranged as well.
Mention 2: I believe a fluid world and the fluid boundaries preset like for honey/water/oil can be of great interests. These improved features needs to take in account the fluid nature (kind o compatibility) as well and the wettability (water forms droplets over PVC -low wettability whereas ethanol does)
Like:; lotus leaves (everything flow without friction) - wood (water/ethanol flows with moderate frictions) - PET/PVC plastic (ethanol flow frictionless) - Glass or porzellan - Paper -

Maybe this is not necessary to implement it inside the codes, but maybe a repository of examples would be very nice. Sothat people can copy them and adapt the settings to their needs.
I did not find any up to now.

Mention 3: The simulation does not take in account the viscoelasticity of the system. with the storage modulus and the loss modulus.
Which could be advanced settings. Nevertheless, non newtonian fluids may become either more fluid under shearing (like “shower gels” or paints/inks) or oppositely less fluids (Maizena like fluids- Maxwell types of fluids). This can be important imagine a block falling on a surface becoming under the stress a liquid or a fluid flow falling on a liquid surface and boucing on it (look for the weissenberg effect)

I am aware this may be very difficult to code but I just want to share my point I think this may be very interesting features not only for scientists but for artists as well to achieve new simulations. imagine a bullet shoot at a antiballistic jelly pads. It would be possible to simulate this.

Thank you for any answers