Need help with a Halo based mod project

Hello, I am KhevaKins and I am here looking for someone to help with a Halo based mod project. We are currently looking for someone to help with a promotional trailer, someone to help put the finishing touches on some incomplete models to be used in the aforementioned trailer

The current ship that needs additions is the Marathon-Class Heavy Cruiser; here is a picture of the incomplete model that requires tweaking and additions. The modelling is flexible at the moment, with you being able to pick and choose what parts you do and do not want to add to the model:

Upon completion of this ship other ships may be required for the trailer and then eventually the mod itself.

Here is a link to the first trailer SotP trailer. It is hoped the models being created now can be used in the second, more polished trailer:

If you are interested in helping us out please send me a message in what ever method is most convenient for you.