Need help with a material!

So I´ve downloaded this material here:

and I tried to apply it to a project I’m making, I am a beginner on blender, and the material is not even close to what it is supposed to look like.
at first, every time i rendered it just showed up brown with no texture on, then i read on a forum to activate UV maping, and so i did, there wasn’t anything there so i clicked the plus button to create one and now it stays like this:

I dont know what to dooo ;-;

It works well if you have UV unwrapped your object. Clicking the + sign under UV maps doesn’t actually unwrap the object. It just creates a blank UV map for you to unwrap onto. If you try it with one of the inbuilt primitives like UV sphere or cube you will find they are already UV unwrapped.

EDIT: I’m using 2.8. If using 2.79 then immediately after adding something like a UV Sphere make sure you check the Generate UVs checkmark shown below. (And change the object to Smooth shading if it’s like this)

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I tried with a UV sphere just to follow ur instructions and yes now the texture is showing but ran onto another problem, those reflections and the HDq that your render is showing is much superior then what happens to me :frowning:

(thanks a lot for your quick support tho :grinning:)

and if it isn´t asking much, what layout are you using for your workspace? It looks very pratical

Edit: tried this sim. with a closer light and 2 objects got a good texture performance but no reflections or HDQ at all…

I’m using Blender 2.8 mainly these days. The first screenshot is that using EEVEE and the LookDev mode. It uses a selection of HDRIs to light the scene. For reflections to work you need something to reflect. An HDRI does a great job of both lighting things and providing something to reflect.

If you want to see it working in Blender 2.8 and EEVEE then I captured a short video. To get similar results in 2.79 using Cycles you would have to find and use an HDRI environment image.

Here’s how to add an HDRI in Cycles in 2.79. You can get HDRIs from

Pardon the sluggishness. Partly due to my PC trying to do too many things at one time and partly because I feel half lost going back to 2.79 after using 2.8 for a while