Need help with a Mocap animated character

Here is the initial model that I imported using MHX2.

After importing 4 .bvh files and making some poses in blender’s pose library. I get this:

As you can see its the same model with the same armature, BUT it is out of position. Even after I do ALT-R,ALT-G,and ALT-S the model does not go back to the original object mode rest postilion as it was in the first blend file.

My questions are these:

#1 how can I get the model back to the object mode rest position.

#2 What did I do to get it out of postition. So that I can avoid doing that in the future.

Thanks in advance

Before you even start, make sure your transforms are either cleared or applied. You have locked some of your object mode transforms so you can’t clear them. Unlock them. You have keyframes set in the NLA. Mute them. Shift X your action in the dope sheet. You are not neutral. You have moved your rig and a model in object mode without clearing transforms on the model. but you applied your transform on the rig and that causes issues ( like you can’t get back to rest, or the mocap will be off). Make sure you origins are aligned to zero location to help pinpoint issues. You can switch to edit mode to check if you have influences from pose bones or uncleared transforms as a quick check. Select all your bones and clear those transforms, not just the ones in the view port go to your bone layers and select them all. Then whey you clear transforms it should go back to rest. Make sure you are in pose mode.


Thanks you for the response. But I barely understood all that you typed… I should have stated before I posted that this model is a Makehuman figure and armature that I animated by using Makewalk to import some bvh file. I find that MakeWalk is a LOT easier to use and much more understandable and gives much more consistant results than Benjy Cooke’s bvh import addon.

But so many blender users seem to HATE makehuman with a passion that I tend to avod mentioning it.

But I do not thing my problems are related to makehuman perse.

Sometimes the mocap data pushes the skeleton in weird directions and you have to alter it before importing the bvh. Bvhacker is a good program which will let you lock certain aspects of the mocap data (e.g. keep the hips level on the z axis). I couldn’t see anything wrong with your rig so give it a try.

snithian: Did you look at both blend files that I posted? the one is the model/mesh without any mocap applied. Just as I imported it from makehuman. The other is after I used Makewalk to add several animations to it. The problem is that I noticed after adding several animations that they model/mesh/armature is out of position from the original non pose mode position. I am pretty sure that i cleared all transformations and all rotation every time I added and animation. I just cannot figure out why it would get out of position and also what can I do to correct it.

Hi, I had a look and the mocap data is applied as keyframes to your content. That’s what makes it jump around or in this case backwards. You can’t easily change this or zero it out in blender. As mentioned, you should use bvhacker to zero out the hip or spine translation. Then, the animation will still work but it will be like running on the spot. Once you have done this you can parent the armature to a simple object like a cube that you can use for translation.
If you just want it to return to a t-pose you could at that to the end of each action as an additional keyframe.