Need Help with a rigged Hand

I am a CAD guy and brand new to Blender and have not figured out how it all works yet in fact I still have trouble signing in. I have a model of a Rigged hand and need to get into a particular pose anyone out there who can help me out???

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If you post a link to your .blend file, there are quite a few people in this forum who could help you.

Ok I can help you out if you would pm on here with the hand and I will rig it and send it back

The hand is already “rigged” I just have no idea of getting it into the position I need. I am trying to pose it as if it were holding a golf club. Accuracy is very important as I am trying to use it to develop a device.

I am attaching a hyperlink to the Hand File it downloads multiple formats all zipped I need this hand positioned properly holding a golf club, thumb straight down the shaft and fingers wrapped correctly around the shaft ideally as a Left Handed player. I believe Once I get a hand properly positioned I can mirror it to be a right handed player if this can be done before I get it so much the better. Anyone who does this will have my undying gratitude! ian_finn-Realistic male hand