Need help with a start-up for an animated show

I have posted before on here but I am still looking for 3D artists to help model and animate a show that I am writing and directing. I have voice actors, a script, and some concept art in the making but I need help with the technical aspect of it. It is a small start-up and I am not saying their will never be compensation for the work but if you have a passion for this and want to see your work come to life then please try to get in touch with me. I will work with you every step of the way in whatever way is easier for you and you will get full credit for the work you do. Thank you.

I’m a bit curious as to what exactly you plan to make. Is your show going to be comedic or dramatic? How long are your episodes and how many of them do you plan to do? What kind of animation style are you aiming for? Perhaps it would help answer some of these questions as well as others if you would show us some of your concept art and maybe a few lines from your script so that we can get a good idea of what we could potentially sign up for.

Well it is a type of fan fiction, but not really it just borrows a general concept from things like the matrix and sword art online. I want it to be a little cartoonish but not very cartoonish. It is a about five friends trapped in a video game (that’s the general concept that I borrowed) but it is a completely original story based off the real life personalties of myself and my four best friends. It is a drama but it has comedic values to it, I wouldn’t say it’s one or the other. There would be twenty episodes a season spanning from 15-20 minutes each (I know that’s a lot but in order to tell the story I want to, it needs to be about that length). I have a concept artist working on some stuff but she doesn’t know how much she can do and is in the process of just doing the five main character’s art. If there is some more concept artists that could help, then that would be fantastic.