Need help with a weird modeling issue. (Fine in object mode, looks bad in textured)

Not much to say here, really. I’m working on a Low-Poly v-22 Osprey Gunship as a beginners project (hope to include it in a game of sorts further down the road). Been working with Blender for a week or so, and I’ve hit a brick wall:

Here’s the model in Solid View (I made sure to apply materials to each object, just for a preliminary take on it):

And if I flip it into Textured View (What it’d be showing in any Render/Game), all hell breaks loose:

I made it using a Mirror modifier, and I’m assuming that that’s where the problem lies. If I need to post another picture of it, say a wireframe, I’d be happy to do so. I just need to figure out what’s going on here :confused:

Thanks in advance.

That should be fixed in a second:)
Go in edit mode,press “A” to select your everything and in the toolbar in the Normals tab, you have to click on recalculate;)
Tell me if that was the problem.

Just saw this is your first post.So,welcome to

P.s That is a nice model you have mad!

Wow, that -was- an incredibly easy fix. Thanks!

Also, thanks for the compliment on the model. If you have any constructive criticism for it, I’d love some. It isn’t anywhere near completion, as I still need to make a few more small details, smooth it out (not too much, still going for low poly), and add textures (God help me, I have no idea how to do this yet :wink: )

Your welcome:)
As for constructive criticism,I can’t give any unless I know for what game gerne (rts,fps,etc) it’s for;)
But maybe you can open a new thread in the Wip section of this forum,as that would not fit in the modeling section.

Not game-wise, just the model in general. But I am straying off topic here, and I don’t wanna start bending rules with the first few posts, so I’ll move it elsewhere when I’m ready. Thanks for your help :smiley: