Need help with adding Material/Texture

First off I want to thank such members as Sanctuary for providing ample help with modelling and texturing in the past.

Secondly, I have taken many months off anything computer related. That being said when i’m trying to get back into blender, i’m faced with the same problem I was stuck with before - UV unwrapping and texturing.

I’m making a model to add to a game (Arma II). The modelling was the easiest part. I’ve asked for help in the past and also have watched several UV Unwrapping tutorials… I think my model is complicated (at least for me), and That if I try to unwrap the whole thing, it is a jumbled mess, and I have trouble breaking the gun into smaller more workable segments and unwrapping each individual piece to texture separately…

The gun i’m making was off an old Stuka dive bomber. It was the replacment for the tail gunner.
Essentially, I have made one half and then duplicated it and stuck them together.

At first I have tried to assign a photo of several angles and views of the gun, then I attempted to “texture paint” different parts of the texture on the gun.


Uploaded with

But then I realized maybe I could just grab free textures of materials such as metal and wood and texture each piece individually …


  1. Can someone show me if the Texture paint would work adequately if I were to just assign each piece a material and texture?

  2. Can someone show me how to correctly unwrap this mess (800x800) grid preferably and segment each major piece to be a separate entity to unwrap and texture on it’s on to be later pieced back together. (i’m talking major groups only - gun barrel, gun body, hand grip, sight, and trigger).

  3. would it be easier to unwrap the entire thing and then paint each piece the texture I want? Or each one individually?

blend file included:

no replies in a week so…


I was about to look at your model but FileDropper proposes me to upload when I follow your link. Your file has expired.

As for texture paint, that’s a good idea when you’re not super skilled at making textures in a 2D graphics software. Any way, whether you decide to apply simple textures and/or paint them, you need to unwrap.

Fix your link and start a new thread just about unwrapping. People tend to look away when you ask too much at once. And don’t forget to include a (clear) picture of your model. It helps to see what we’re talking about even without downloading your model.