Need help with an action.

Take a look at the screen. I’m trying to figure out a way to make my character strafe right/left while keeping his arms and upper body facing forward. See the character can move around the robot while always looking at it, but he needs some kind of action when moving in those directions. Kinda like his arms are always locked onto the robot. I guess an example would be like in the Tomb Raider & Devil May Cry games. I tried rotating the lower body to the desired direction while keeping the arms and whatnot facing forward, which worked, but there has to be a better way.


The correct way to sidestep is this: the legs stick straight out(down) mostly. They never rotate (much) toward the front or backside of your character. From the back view of your character, the legs sort of flap outwards (rotating from the hip). It’s sort of like hopping/skipping sideways. The legs rotate outward, then back inward. For a perfect example, download the Tribes 2 game (the full game is a free download). I think you hit Q or R to go into 3rd person view. Hope that helps :]