Need help with animating to be used in BGE

Hello, Im a newbie and I need help in animating my low poly character to be used in BGE.
Where do I create my animation? Is it in the Timeline window or in the Action editor window? In timeline window, I learned creating the animation. Howa bout in the Action Editor window? I have no clue whats the use for it, I have read a thread and thought that the action editor is the right window for me to be able to create my animation that will be used in the GE.

Please point me to a tutorial
PS: sorry for the bad english

For the games engine, animate your character… timeline is fine, with all the needed actions one after the other. Take note of the frame numbers for each action.

Then in BGE, assign an Actuator (output action) of type IPO and specify frame range. Wire this to input of a keypress to set it off and… you get the idea.

OMG, thanks a lot! :slight_smile:

Another question, I successfully have my character to walk with W key as its main key. Now I placed a Huge block in front of my character. This huge block has logic blocks in it. It has an actuator of SetScene -> to next scene. Now when my character collide with this block it did transferred to the next scene, but without my character. What seems to be the problem? thanks.