Need help with animating.

Does anyone know a good tutorial on animating robots? What I need is a good walk cycle for a spider-uesqe droid.

Here’s my model:

It’s for a game I’m working on where you’ll control the hero character as well as the droid separately. The robot will be mounted on his back like a backpack when not in use.

I’d just play around with it and see what looks best to you. Try looking for other things that have robotic spiders in it. They’ve turned up in several games most notably Deus-Ex Invisible War and even Halflife 2 have their spider crabs that might be of some help.

You could even look up videos of crabs walking and see how their legs move.

Good luck and post the finished animation here when you get it done :slight_smile:

Blenderart Mag #2 has Gabio’s excellent tutorial on rigging an 8-legged spider: