Need help with animation in blender game engine

hello artists
First, sorry for my english I’m from algeria.
i need a help with animation in blender game engine

  • i have a bird and i have 2 animation : flying animation and falling animation
  • now i want the falling animation activate when the bird is falling but i dont have any idea how to do that . so it will be great if someone help me
    thank you :heart::heart:

when flying put property ‘blabla’ to flying
when property ‘blabla’ is flying play flying animation
when falling put property ‘blabla’ to falling
when property ‘blabla’ is falling play falling animation

so add a property that you change depending on situation.
use property brick(s) equal to flying = fly
another brick equal to falling = falling

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here is something i threw together fast, to show you how to do what you are asking.

(just an example ,this is not the only way)
bird.blend (622.6 KB)


Thanks a lot you helped me with a great idea edderkop
thank you

thanks you helped me Cotaks