need help with animation!

Im doing my university project and im trying to create a video moving through a maze where there is objects lying along the maze. At the moment I have figured this out by doing key framing, every 25 frames I move the camera along. The only thing is I want a fixed speed all along , but when I turn the corners, i dont move the camera as far in between each set of 25 frames as i do when I am just going a long a straight corridor. This obviously means that the camera moves slower around the corners which I dont want. Is there any way I can get a constant speed??

Yes, you can add a Path and Parent your Camera to that (Shft-Ctrl-P >> Follow Path after Ctrl-A on both). Then goto F7 buttons on the Camera and set the TrackTo and Up axii. Then goto the IPO window header, select Path instead of Object from the Context Menu, and delete the Speed IPO.


I’ll assume 25 frames is one second. You travel down the straight corridor at 10 units per second, or 10 units every 25 frames. You get to a corner, 5 units away, and place another key at the corner. If the key is 25 frames from the last key, it will take 1 second to move 5 units: the camera has slowed down. However, if the key is only 12 frames from the last key, the camera will traverse 5 units in 1/2 second, so it’s still traveling at 10 units per second.

To keep the speed constant, you need to match the number of frames you advance to the distance traveled.
Speed = distance/time, or in blender terms, speed = grid units/frames. So, frames = grid units/speed. When speed is constant, frames is proportional to grid units. If you travel fewer units, you use fewer frames to get there.

Rather than make keys exactly 25 frames apart, set up some fixed relationship between frames and blender units (grid squares.) Say, 1 square = 2 frames. Then simply count the squares between key locations, multiply by 2, and use that number of frames between those keys.

when you say units tho, is there a way to do this properly or do you just do it by eye?

why would i need to delete the speed IPO? sorry im a complete newbie!!

If your maze is rectangular, count the squares in the grid. Otherwise, it’s probably simplest to do it by eye. There are scripts available that can give exact distances, but Blender doesn’t do that routinely.

why would i need to delete the speed IPO? sorry im a complete newbie!!

He he… because you’re a complete newbie. In the IPO window header you could goto Curve >> Interpolation mode >> Linear, which would make the speed constant for all frames, but the default Bezier mode eases the speed in and out which is not what you want. Deleting stuff you don’t need is just my choice.


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