Need help with audio and sound in blender

:ba: thank you in advance but this problem has been vexing me for some time. I have the sound controler plug in and the audio anilizer but when i try to run them i get the same error no wave module. Ive gathered that ‘wave’ is a python module but where can i find it or better yet how do i get it to work with blender. btw im using 2.47svn dark theme. peace.

Make sure you have a full python install and also that you have the python path set correctly.

If your on Unix/OS X/Linux you already have a full one, so I’m guessing you’re on Windows. A quick search on the forum should give you the information you seek.

For a little more detail on resources see my post here:

thank you so much,fixe my audio issues and a lot more.Blenderartists rules.