Need Help with Auto-Rig

Hi thanks for taking a look. I have an Auto-Rig created armature on a character and want the character to hold a separate spray can object and then after several animated motion set it down. I can not figure out how to get the can object (which is in itself a child of an ‘empty’ ctrl) to attach to some portion of the hand and then release it.
Would some be able to give me information on this type of functionality which is probably obvious to them but a complete mystery to me?
Thank you for your help

Hi Dan.
I just started yesterday with animation ( but have been trying for years :)) I got curious how this might work and just tested to parent an object to a newly Auto-rigged character… and now it follows the hand around, … like an annoying sticker.

Try this and see if this helps:

EDIT: Just came to think of it. Maybe you need to add a bone to the spraycan so the animation data is recorded… Which then moves the can around…Unparenting the object like i suggested below would need a parenting again to play the animation back

Found an issue with my method…

== Corrected method ==
Putting the object where it should be, i.e where the hand is, switching to pose-mode for the character. In the outliner select the object that should be parented, then in the viewport the object to parent should be highlighted, shift-select the controller bone and press “Ctrl + P”, select “Bone Relative” in the pop-up and now the object should follow the hand around…

I must have been high yesterday as i couldn’t get my own method to work, should be sorted now.


Thank you but not able get it to work. I think my biggest problem is figuring out how to work with the Auto-rig armature, bone, structure. I can not identify and select the appropriate bone. The can object can be selected in object mode. I can not find a way to select a bone on the character without entering pose mode at which point the can becomes unselected and I can identify the correct bone to select.
If I select the can in object mode and then attempt to select something in the outliner I can’t seem to identify the actual bone.

I have resolved this problem. Thank you

Great that you found a solution. :muscle: