Need help with auto selecting fcurves

This is my first post on here so be gental. :wink:

So I am just getting in to blender. I come from maya were i have been an animator on feature films and some cartoons. Blender is a new beast, but one thing I am trying to do is streamline the keyframe functions. I have developed a script that allows me to keyframe all transforms, and any custom properties on a controller. And that is working just the way I want it too.

The thing I need help on is after it sets the keys on all the attributes ( properties ), I want to set the fcurve colors in the graph editor. I have gotten all of them switched to AUTO_RGB right now. But all the Custom Properties curves are red. I would like to be able to select only the custom properties fcurves and change them to a CUSTOM color. I need to do this with python because on a rig you can have hundreds of custom attributes. So I want the script to get the names of the fcurvs for me and be able to use that to change the color. Similar to:

fcurv = obj.animation_data.action.fcurves
for key in fcurv: = True
key.color_mode = ‘AUTO_RGB’

I can select all the fcurves, but I want to make it so it singles out only the custom properties to change the color mode. I know it seems like no big deal but It just helps visually separate out my keys when I am in the graph editor. Any help would be appreciated. :slight_smile: