Need help with beginners balloon Tutorial( by Jonathan Williamson) @7:53

Hello People

I'm following a balloon tutorial at Blender  . I just need to know how does Jonathan de-select some vertices of the selected knot of the balloon mesh when he is rotating it or doing something with it with the rotation tool enabled with 3d cursor as the centre point of the knot @7:53 of the tutorial video.Any one?


untitled.blend (347 KB)

If im getting you right , you just want to deselect some vertice’s ?

SHIFT + RMB to deselect the vertices.

Just press “b” for border select, then click LMB and make a box like in the vid!

While the balloon knot is selected? Thats how i would de-select some vertices?

@nickdiesel : How do i de-select some vertices with the border select commands?

Ah i see instead of LMB press MMB

@nickdiesel :Thanks