Need Help With Bending an Object.

Hi Everyone.
I am trying to bend an object that I created by taking a picture(logo) and importing it as an .svg file to make it into a 3D logo. I had previously created a sphere then flattened it down to get the yellow shape in the attached pictures, and where I have circled the red shows the zone I want to get the logo (black) to touch the sphere. I originally put the logo on through UV mapping but I wanted it to be 3D as well. I have used the simple deform method to bend, but that bends on the z-axis where I want it to bend on the y-axis (up and down). I just started using this program 4 hours ago, but I am quite familiar with the program interface. This is my first time creating 3D things. If anyone can help that would be great, and if you need more background on what I am trying to do let me know. Also the attached pictures are just a little off the front ortho view.

You can use the simple deform modifier set to bend to do this.
Convert your text to a mesh (Alt+C)
In edit mode rotate all vertices along the X axis 90 deggrees (R X 90)
In object mode rotate it back (R X -90)
See example blend file


bend.blend (203 KB)

Hi Richard, Thank you so much. That was waaaay easier than I thought.

Yep or remesh and shinkwrap and finally solidify. But simple deform works well in that case for sure!