Need help with beveling


I was working on M1911 model when I run into an issue with beveling bottom part of the gun.
I already beveled edges on X axis (marked with red arrows), but how I’m I supposed to bevel rest of the gun (marked with green lines) to get look similar to last 2 pictures.

M1911A1.blend (989.3 KB)
M1911A1.blend1 (989.3 KB)

P.S. I’m new to the blender and 3d modeling in general, so please excuse me for any of beginner mistakes and quite possibly dumb question.

Won’t bevel properly because your model has some duplicated faces and inverted normals. Those rounded parts aren’t treated as bevels when modeling.

Try this tutorial:
There’s also this one for hard surface modeling:

My suggestion is that you start with very simple assets. This tutorial was done in 3DS Max but you can follow along in Blender:

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I deleted duplicated faces with “Merge by distance” and fixed normals with “Recalculate Outside”, but I still have no idea how bevel bottom part of gun like this :arrow_down: .

Thank you for tutorial links, Tutorials seem bit lengthy I will check them tomorrow.

Use beveling for small parts, that handle need to be modeled with topology techniques. Guns looks simple, but it always has some tricky parts. That’s why I sent those tutorials. They’re more like short free courses. You’ll get an overview and absorb ways for clean and smooth topology. You could select an edge go to Edge > Bevel Edges (Ctrl+B), scroll up to add more edges, but won’t be the same curve as your reference.


Just found this website, has a lot of neat breakdowns about 3D modeling:

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Just as shown below:remove two opposite faces or the bevel modifier bevels all four edges; add and assign a vertex group to the edges selected and then bevel by an appropriate value. In this example the value is the square root of 2 (Pyhtagoras’ theorem); apply bevel modifier.

For the need of bevel width’s calculations every time it is easier to halve a cylinder and extrude it to obtain the desired result.


Tried, but got result similar to lucas.coutin example:

Already tried that, that’s how I got this:

But I don’t think it’s possible to use that method of beveling all the way around green line.

Did you do alt S ( scale along normal ) to raise the edge?

:man_facepalming: I had no idea it was possible to scale along normal, I tried to regular scale and it didn’t work so I gave up on that scaling idea. :man_facepalming:

Anyway, I tried Alt + S, but I got some weird things going on :arrow_down: .

Edit: I think I found the problem, but have no idea how to fix it :arrow_down: .

Desktop _ Shot with GeForce

It looks like you could probably just adjust the offending vertices manually, but if not I can fix it with meshmachine’s un**** tool.

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You will have to model, beveling won’t work. I’m not a modeler, but I’ll sent you a basic mesh. Quite sure that I started the wrong way.

gun_modeling.blend (836.4 KB)

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Probably, but after checking those tutorials/courses from 2nd post, I’m thinking about starting from scratch, who knows how many other things I did wrong with that model.

Thank you to all of you who tried to help, even that I gave up on this model I learned few other useful things about blender and 3d modeling.