Need help with black artifacts

I was modeling just fine yesterday and today until recently when in render mode I noticed there were very bad artifacts on certain parts of my model. I literally used a subsurf which helped fix some of the issue but its still present. I don’t know what it is that is causing this. I made sure the normals were facing the correct direction and removed any doubles. I changed my lighting to a plane with emission as well just to rule out the sun lamps. Maybe someone can help me out please. Below are some images and .blend. Just a bit more information, I modeled everything but I kinda took the hand model from another 3d model and modified it to fit this character. It was however fine at the time from what I’ve noticed.



please post a wireframe

I manage to fix some of it very slight but its weird. I have everything smooth and even used a subsurf so it shouldn’t show any artifacts because its smooth. Here is the wireframe of the areas that are affected, mostly around the eyes, everywhere else is fine.


could be caused by having coplanar edge loops:


Yeah I was afraid that would be the case. Its strange because some of my faces were never 100% planar on certain areas and it looks okay before. I guess now its different then before. I guess the only way to fix it is to either tweak some verts. or retopo.

You have that one vertical line of mesh coming down the side of the brow that the creases are spulling towards The vertical line is also pulling towards the eye at that one spot where the creases also point. I would try working on that area and maybe change how that line of mesh is laid out, and get rid of that large gap it’s creating more to the side there. .